New release: Marilena Danochristou Kairi, “Intercultural Education: Theory and Practice of Teaching Music”

In her new book “Intercultural Education: Theory and Practice of Teaching Music” Marilena Danochristou Kairi tries to give an overview of current multicultural reality, focusing on education in general and music education in particular. She examines the topic of multiculturalism from the viewpoint of sociology, educational policy, social psychology and pedagogy. Starting from the common theme of immigration and multiculturalism, she proposes various applications for the teaching of music, which can contribute to the renewal of the teaching of this subject as well as to the change in the mood of multicultural groups.


This book is addressed to primary and secondary schoolteachers, students in education and music departments but also to anyone interested in general issues on multiculturalism and music education.


The book is published by the Music House Marios Nikolaidis - Edition Orpheus.